Barclay Beales - Stereo Kicks

Video quality sucked but good looking guy.


  1. The quality is pretty bad but I still think it's a good video. Definitely surprising to see a hot young guy wearing white briefs and having no problem stripping down to them for a silly video.

    Adam, do you know about the movie Trona? It's a strange movie about a guy who is flying in a plane and then is randomly in the desert with the plane flying overhead. He strips down to his white briefs when he thinks he is going to be getting water out of a barrel. A car comes along and and the driver steals the clothes and drives off. The guy in briefs is pretty cute though I don't like his mustache. Here's a link to the trailer which shows him in briefs plus a link to a later scene where he's swimming in just his briefs.

  2. He is a cute guy no argument there, but it is sad in the "music" (term used loosely) industry that a guy has to resort to gimmicks like this to get noticed rather than being able to have the music get them noticed...Oh well, as in the great words of Elton John...The music industry is being run by a bunch of cowboys, it has nothing to do with music anymore...just image and gimmicks. Amen Brotha!

  3. Shame he didn't turn around though.. would have loved to see his ass ;)



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