Jsu Garcia - "Wildcats" - 1986

Just saw this pic on the "My  new plaid pants" site. Jsu was also in his briefs in a "Nightmare on Elm Street." This pic took me by surprise because I have watched this movie and could of swore he wasn't shown in his briefs. I went back and looked at the movie clip and sure enough he wasn't (the camera was focused more at his chest level). I guess he was in his briefs during the scene but it was cut from the movie ... not sure where the pic came from.


  1. I have a VHS copy of the movie that shows him in his briefs looking up when Goldie Hawn bursts into the locker room. The DVD probably cut him off from the waist down. I know I was bummed when I bought the DVD and it had cut off most of Woody Harrelson's scene as well. The widescreen formats can do that. Thank you so sharing this pic! Love this movie and football. GO HAWKS!

  2. I'll be damned. I guess Jsu is in his briefs. I guess I was always so concentrated on Woody during the scene I never noticed Jsu. Great find.

  3. When you get the time, perhaps do LIFE 101 from the mid-90s. That movie has *a lot* of underwear scenes. Tighty whities and colored briefs. Everything, reall.



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