Calvin Harris - DJ


  1. I think this is the video link that was meant for these photos:

    1. Actually, I posted the song in case people didn't know who he was ... but thanks for the video link you provided!

  2. Replies
    1. Thats quite a gimmick! BTW, appreciate your taking the time to comment on things.

    2. Eh no problem, I'm going through the back pages of this massive blog now, Lord only knows how long that will take so I'll be doing a lot of commenting on past post. I supposed if I had a body like Calvin Harris I would pose in my underwear too, it might get me more gigs as a DJ, because the DJ industry used to be so much better in the 80's when it was all based on talent, but just like everything else in the entertainment industry the DJ industry now is all about image and gimmicks; so this 37 year veteran DJ stands no chance against Calvin Harris even if I can run circles around him behind the wheels of steel.



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