Leif Garrett - "Cheerleader Camp" - 1988

Thought I already posted this but maybe not ... reader just pointed it out again. This guy was a "teen heartthrob" back in the day ... Kind of the Justin Beiber of the 70's.


  1. Justin Bieber of the 70's :) that's funny if one actually thought Justin Bieber was remotely hot, but you're right Leif Garrett was a 70 Hot Heartthrob. That's for sure!

  2. Love this, so hot. Very cool to see heartthrob like him in bikini briefs. I love 80s movie sighting like this. Also funny for the 'teeny weenie' joke. Thanks for posting, keep the 80s ones comin'!

  3. Nice video for those, like me, who love good old european styles : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-E-SNWO8Vo
    Two long scenes. No idea about those spanish actors, show or movie. But enjoy !

  4. I looked this clip up on YouTube! So hot! It made my day. Got give Leif credit to not only be filmed almost naked and stuffing his briefs.



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