Kenny Brain - Big Brother


  1. He would be hot if he didn't have that stupid just my opinion I guess.

  2. check out the pic on this page, u might be able to find the scene from a torrent of this episode

    also, grey briefs, long brown hair, in the background

    anyone remember an old commercial from around 2010 (either for beer or a car) where 3 guys hike up to a cliff top and strip down to attempt skinny dipping and then some naked chicks jump down from a higher point on the cliff, passing them on the way down, for them to get a good look at? anyway one of them was wearing grey/olive briefs when they all stripped. really want that commercials name or url.

  3. Adam,

    Check out this new music video of guys running around LA in their tighty whities:

    - CaptainCold1



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