Sandy Hackett - Hamburger - 1984

I capped this but forgot what it was.


  1. Russian film "Duplet"

    tighty whities - 1.12.03

  2. Oh I know this's right on the tip of my tongue damn it.

  3. I have 2 recommendations Lemon Popsicle 9 it is actually a spin off of the original 8 films all. The 3 main guys all wear tighty whities.

    Also a film called "From the Edge of the City" the main guy is seen in small red briefs at 27:30

  4. It is a movie called "Hamburger" and I think it's from 1984

  5. That's IT...Hamburger about a college for fast food restaurant management.

  6. And the guy in his underwear is Sandy Hackett, Buddy Hackett's son.

  7. Writing this to see if anyone remembers these movies. They played (rarely) on Cinemax or Showtime late at night, but weren't the soft-core stuff. They were sex comedies, but not teen sex comedies.*Movie #1 took place in LA (and I'm thinking LA might have been in the title). Opening scene is a semi-chubby, regular-looking guy getting caught in the bed with a woman by her boyfriend. He jumps out of the bed in black tighty whities and then jumps quickly out the window. In a scene soon after, he's with some male friends in a convertible going down a city (LA?) street. A part of me thinks they are wannabe filmmakers, but this is *not* the 1988 film BLUE MOVIE. This is all I remember about the film. *Movie #2: Was another adult comedy with a Mob-element. In the scene I recall, two guys--both relatively young, Italian-looking and somewhat chubby--who are striped down to their bikini briefs and given concrete shoes. Though the guys drown, the scene is in a comedy, so it's not really disturbing, even with the brief scene (no pun intended) that shows the guys in their concrete shoes underwater. I've been trying to find/remember the titles to these movies for years now.

    1. Also, these two movies would be from the very late 80s to very early 90s.



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