Alexander Skarsgård - War on Everyone

From the trailer for an upcoming movie .. haven't posted a color briefs photo in awhile so here you go ..


  1. or they are the same video but I'm not sure if the first will work... anyways hi there this is just some random viewer I got this ad a few days ago and it took forever to find it again. Mostly because its a private video for some reason... if the videos don't work basically its an ad for "those who can't" and the guy with the mustache is being checked at the metal detector in school and he has been stripped to his tighty whities.

  2. Homicide Hunter Season 5 Episode 1 "Bad Blood"

    The cops search the apartment of a cowboy. He's in his tighty whities when they get there and has to remain in them as they search the place. Scene starts at 34:52



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