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  1. Four and half years ago I was a freshman in college and lived in the dorms. It was a smaller christian college in the midwest and the internet was restricted. We couldn't bring up any porn sites what so ever. At that point, I had to get creative. I would just google things like "men in underwear," "male art," "men in speedo's," etc. Finally, on one of my image searches and probably through some other site I discovered this blog.

    Over the course of 4.5 years (I was an R.A. the other two years) I visited this blog every night to have a wank. Now mind you, at the time I didn't have a tighty whitie fetish, this was just the best site I could get onto to see half naked men. So, I decided to calculate how many times I have wanked to this site and here its:

    In the dorms on avg 265 days a year X 1.25 wanks a day X 4.5 years = I have wanked an estimated 1,325 times to this site.

    Probably midway through these 1,325 wanks, I started to really get into to this tighty whitie thing. To be honest, I stoped wearing briefs around 16 to fit in. Although I never had a real problem with them. When I was 20, I switched back to tighty whities and haven't gone back (I'm 23 now) and have the biggest tighty whitie fetish ever.

    So anyways, I have graduated in December of 2017 and have an apartment with unrestricted internet access. So, I can now watch some actual porn and maybe give pornhub some 13,000 wanks over the next four years.

    I wanted to say Thank you to Adam for making the last four years fun. As I might not visit this site 1.25 times a day anymore, I will stop back regularly to see whats new.

    Thanks again Adam


    1. Well that is a sweet story (in it's own way). I assume you got your degree in something involving numbers? lol. I am genuinely happy this site helped get you through your college years! Congrats on graduating and I hope you have a great life!

  2. 13,000 is suppose to be 1,300. I can't imagine I'll wank that much but who knows.



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