Emilio Estevez

I have already posted pics from Repo Man but came across this information from an interview with the director:
"Not all on-set experiences were quite as entrancing. Cox recalls that Emilio Estevez was fond of parading around in his briefs." 

Sounds entrancing to me!

Also this:
"The filmmakers went out of their way to avoid showing Emilio Estevez big bulge in his jeans and jockey shorts."


  1. Multiple tightey whiteys sightings in Special on Netflix.
    EP1 - beginning jockey yfronts
    EP2 - during the pool party he drops pants to reveall white jockeys
    Ep3 - a quick shot of his mom picking up his hanes briefs for laundry.
    Main guy visits a sex worker who wears FTL ( he’s a known briefs guy on IG I think) and the main character also reveals his jockeys
    Ep 3 is 7/8 minutes in and is the best briefs scene in a long time. I’m speechless.

  2. There's a whities scene in the 2010 "Freeway Killer". https://ibb.co/3TmyKQN



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