Raphael Sbarge - "Prison for Children" - 1987


  1. Cant wait to see this whole flick! is there any explanation in the film about why some of the guys get issued boxers and some of them briefs? And though I was never in juvenile prison, the caps I've seen so far ring true... coming of age in the 80's, at summer camp we would all hang out in our white briefs in the dorms. Or in the locker room at school. I went to a summer leadership program at a local college, and every morning we would be lined up in the dorm hallway waiting to use the shower, all just wearing are plain white briefs. just like pictures here...

    1. No explanation given. I would assume the prison would, in real life, only give one choice. There was a recent MTV series of juveniles in detention (documentary style, called "Juvies") and, without exception, they were shown in tighty whities. Matter of fact, given their age (16-17) I always thought it was odd how MTV ALWAYS seemed to get shots of them in their underwear. Since they were underage I won't post them here though.

  2. I think the thing to remember to, the reason a TV movie got away with so many brief shots, way back then there was nothing erotic about the plain white briefs. this was pre Calvin Klein. It was just the universal underwear that all young man wore.

    I remember at the time old fashioned pajamas had really gone out of favour. a lot of young guys just hung around the house in briefs. I remember spending the night with friends as a teenager, and we would be sitting around playing Atari in the family room in our briefs at night. in the morning we would stumble into the kitchen for cereal, still in our briefs in front of the whole family: moms, sisters, siblings etcetera.

    I know by today's standards that seems very odd!

    I also remember in junior high and high school for sports physicals every season, anyone who wanted to go out for a team had to report to the gym. We would all strip down to our briefs waiting to be weighed and have are physicals by the school nurse and coaches and athletic trainers.



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