Eric Michael Cole - Gia - 1998 - Video


  1. What a shame, we barely get to see the underwear on him. A lot of female panties and her wearing his underwear. Such a cute guy too. This movie must have been made by some homophobe.

    1. would definitely have loved to have seen more, but I thought it was even a turn on the way it was filmed. Sometimes being a "tease" in the filming works and sometimes it doesn't. I just think the actor is really really sexy. Director probably wasn't a homophobe as I think there was quite a lot of lesbian action in the flick.

    2. Well you know how those straight guys men are wrong but lesbians are A OKAY!!! The actor is very sexy.

    3. Of course, it would be so much better without this large T-shirt. But I love the way the girl pantses his boyfriend and then take on his white Jockey Y front. Great video.



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