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From an interview with the guy clothed in the pic ....
Weird question, Big Jim...and I only just thought of it while scrolling through the last post on FNM Blog: What was the deal with you being the only clothed FNM member in the infamous "FNM underwear poster"? Did you just think the photo idea was dumb, or did you think it'd be better/funnier with one dude dressed to the nines in jeans, leather vest, etc. while everyone else was near nekkid. 
Thanks for doing this Q&A, man! Excited to see the responses! 
I remember it was one of the first big photo shoots for us set up by London Records. Ross Halfin, “Famous Rock Photographer”, was pretty aggressive, barking orders and abusing band members, particularly Puffy. He ordered everyone to strip down. I said “forget it” (I thought it was dumb). The other guys did, he snapped the picture and at that moment, I understood why he was famous…


  1. So that's what FNM looks like.....

  2. It's funny how the lead singer is the only one in tighty whities. This is around 1990 so boxers were the new thing :( .......................... ............ I swear if the man who is dressed was wearing briefs as well then I'm pissed he didn't strip.

    1. The interview talked about one of them being gay but I don't know which one (except it definitely wasn't the guy being interviewed).

  3. Mike Patton looks damn good with long hair.



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