Finn Cole - Animal Kingdom S1 ep.2

Caps courtesy of Captain Colds ... check out his great blog! (First link on my other links section). What was the context of the scene? Is this show set in current day or the 80's? Great scene ...


  1. The show is set in the present day. The young man's mother dies of a heroin overdose and he goes to live with his grandmother (Barkin) and her family of delinquents that make up a crime family. I wonder if the tighty whities are meant to reflect his youth and relative innocence.

  2. There's another quick scene later in the episode, shows the kid in briefs getting dressed.

  3. Tried to get context. Little weird of a scene, I think that is his grandma? He also doesn't really speak the whole time either, but she is asking him to stay quiet from a crime they committed or something, kind of lags when she tells him to take his pants off. Hands him another pair of tighty whities to put on too

    1. Adam,

      When she hands him another pair I could have sworn I saw another couple pair sitting in the drawer. Kind of in the background, but fun to see. Hopefully that means more to come this season.

  4. he fills out those briefs quite nicely.

  5. he fills out those briefs quite nicely.



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