Seth Meriwether - Society S1. ep.5

Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.


  1. What is going on here??

    1. Basically.... an event happens and all that is left of a town are a bunch of high school seniors. They get on with life and put together a “society”, but then the leader gets murdered. This is the Guard arresting a suspect in a morning raid. It’s not an especially great show haha.

    2. I love that they have a High School senior in tighty whities.


    here are two fruit of the loom briefs commercials that I don't think have been capped before.


    Some gifs of Jesse Rennicke in Ahockalypse.

  4. This is a pretty good scene. It is nice to see white briefs making a small come back.

    Here are a few links. They aren't all white briefs but some people might like them.

    A challenge video from Poland, I believe. A guy loses rock, paper, scissors, and has to strip and walk down a few blocks. He is wearing blue CK briefs. Scene starts about 3:00 in.

    A gum commercial where a kid uses magic gum power to shred an adult bully's clothes, revealing white briefs.

    This is the first episode of Metal Mickey, an 80s British kids show about a talking robot with powers. He uses his telekinetic powers to rip the clothes off a guy who is making fun of him. He is wearing tied dyed briefs. Happens around 23 minutes in. The actor is in his 20s though he is playing a teenager.

    A Bollywood movie. Scene starts about 10:00. A model for a drawing class gets his loincloth ripped off revealing white Jockey briefs when the teacher slips and grabs on to the nearest thing she can. I do want to say that the beginning of the movie involves 9/11 imagery so if that triggers you skip to the really good pantsing scene.

    Cute actor in blue or grey briefs. From what I gather the character strips to his underwear at the beach and some women steal his clothes. He then has to call a friend to come get him. The entire 3 minute video has him in his briefs.

    Underwear commercial where the man wearing the wrong brand grey briefs is thrown out of the party.

    Can't remember if I ever posted this one. A commercial where the spokesman is in white briefs and cowboy boots. Not sure what they are selling but sign me up.

  5. One guy in loose fitting whites, one guy in black boxer/trunks:

  6. I love this. Everyone says that gingers should avoid wearing white at all costs...which is BS. Seth looks sexy as hell in these briefs.



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