Tom Ellis - Lucifer S.4 ep. 08

Okay, none of these are great shots but these are clearly tighty whites, right?


  1. This is like the Holy Grail!

  2. Definitely. Hot!

  3. I’ve made a few discoveries:

    HBO’s The Deuce, season 1, episode 5, Michael Joseph Murray. Blink and you’ll miss it, but still pretty hot.
    The Deuce season 2, episode 1, James Franco, also a quick scene but a little longer than the previous.

    Everything is Free, a movie that was originally distributed on YouTube, but I’m not sure where it’s available now... a bunch of shots of Brian Jordan Alvarez (the new tightly whitey king?) as well as I think another actor. Alvarez directed it and also includes a sizable (not pun intended) full frontal of himself for those who also like that sorta thing.

    Netflix The Society, season 1 episode 5. Seth Meriwether in bed in white briefs or maybe boxer briefs. I always like to assume they’re just briefs unless I’m proven otherwise.

    I could do caps of any of these if they’re hard to find.

    1. Hi Charlie! I dont have access to HBO at this time so anything you could cap would be greatly appreciated! You can send them to I will be glad to credit you for them!

    2. I was disappointed with "The Deuce" overall as a series. It has James Franco in black briefs other than that it's a complete fail. Thanks for the recommendations tho Charlie :)

    3. I only watched the first episode of the second season so far, but that episode does have James Franco in white briefs (versus black).

    4. That lighting lol :(

    5. What season and episode does this siding in Lucifer come from



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